How Mindfulness and Meditation Can Help You Slow Down

Do you feel that time is constantly slipping out of your grasp? In our fast-paced world, sometimes the greatest gift you can give yourself is learning how to slow down.

For most people, slowing down sounds like a distant luxury. There is just too much to attend to, too many messages, appointments, and familial responsibilities to juggle.

The good news is that slowing down time may be easier than you’d think. By incorporating mindfulness and meditation into your daily schedules, you can find inner calm in small moments that you simply weren’t aware of earlier.

What is mindfulness?

Our brains are powerful organs and we sometimes neglect to realize how much we can utilize that power.

How often do you find yourself “spacing out” or going on “autopilot”? How often are you overcome by anxiety about the future, or haunted by the failings of the past?

Mindfulness is fully engaging with the present. Being mindful means focusing on your present, using your five senses to register your environment and letting go of intrusive thoughts.

Training your brain to be mindful doesn’t have to mean a big investment in your time or money. Even as much as 7 minutes of mindful meditations can make a difference. Our brains are malleable, and setting aside some time to let our brains breathe can lead to long-term calmness.

The benefits of mindfulness

Being fully aware of what you’re doing, and of the space around you, may not sound like much, but it has an incredible power to ground you in the moment and give you a sense of calm.

To break it down, here are a few concrete benefits to practicing mindfulness:

  • It can lower your stress levels. According to studies like this one, meditation can decrease our body’s secretion of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • It can lengthen your attention span. Mindfulness trains your mind to “stay in the moment” and focus on what’s at hand.
  • It can boost your resilience. Mindfulness allows your mind to observe and accept the emotions you’re feeling. This ability to take a step back and regulate your emotions helps build resilience.

Some resources

Thinking of trying mindfulness meditation but unsure where to begin? Here is a small list of resources you can use to begin your journey.

  • The Calm app offers a free trial with access to daily meditations, sleep stories, and relaxing music. It’s a great resource for incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine.
  • Some other apps you may want to try are Headspace and Stop Breathe & Think.
  • You can find free audio downloads of mindful exercises here and here.

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