Postpartum Anxiety & Depression

Are you a new mother struggling with postpartum anxiety or postpartum period? Are you feeling on edge and overwhelmed? You’re not alone in your struggles. As much as 15% of women can experience symptoms of Postpartum Depression.

You don’t have to brave it all alone. Therapy during the postpartum months can make a real difference to your well-being and to your relationship with your new baby.

The struggles of postpartum depression and anxiety

For many women, the period after birth is difficult and stressful. You try to listen to the advice of your doctor and sleep when the baby sleeps, but your energy makes you restless and by the time you fall asleep, it is time to feed your baby again. When you finally surrender to the exhaustion, your sleep can often be anxiety-ridden and disturbed by unwanted thoughts.

You might feel that you barely recognize yourself when you look in the mirror. You vaguely remember a time when you felt strong and capable. Maybe you are thinking, “I can’t do this,” and then feel guilty and ashamed for even having that thought.

You thought it would feel more natural. You may have been so excited for this baby, and now you feel isolated and detached. You may fear you are not a good enough mother. You might be worried that if you share your thoughts out loud, your worst fears will be confirmed.

Taking care of yourself so you can take care of your baby

I understand how difficult it is to come and talk to someone when it feels you barely have time to shower. It’s probable that the only thing you really want to do is get a good night’s sleep. However, I have found that when you share what is in the darkest recesses of your mind, you find relief. And with that relief comes sleep. By expressing and verbalizing your most painful emotions, these emotions become more manageable.

My approach is warm and collaborative, based on your unique strengths and individual challenges. I provide compassionate and knowledgeable support so that you can work through painful feelings and challenge unhealthy thoughts that fuel anxiety. I will support you in taking practical steps to relieve symptoms of postpartum anxiety and depression, so you can first take care of yourself.

You can’t pour out of an empty glass. Once you find some relief and feel like yourself again, it will be easier to increase your connection with your baby and your partner. In therapy, you will explore meaning in your new role as a mother, connect with your inner strengths and wisdom, and recreate harmony and meaning in your life.

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If you or someone you love is struggling during the period after giving birth, please reach out for support in Los Gatos, CA. Feel free to call me now at (408) 357-3025 to make an appointment, or simply reach out via the button below for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation. I welcome all parents and families journeying through parenthood including LGBTQ community and parents through adoption or surrogacy.

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