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Anxiety Counseling, Anxiety Therapist in Campbell, California - Dani Salzer, LMFT

Are you feeling stressed and anxious? Does worry prevent you from enjoying the moment? Do you feel stuck in your head? Recycling the same thoughts again and again?

Do you feel overwhelmed with worry or fear? Do you feel like you have too much to do and never enough time in one day? Are you having trouble sleeping? Maybe you have trouble falling asleep or wake up early and the thoughts and worries keep you from falling back to sleep.

Perhaps you feel that if you let down your guard, something bad will happen.

Do you sometimes avoid taking risks or trying new things because of anxiety? Or do you avoid social situations due to fear of anxiety? Is anxiety holding you back from taking the steps you want to be more successful at work?

Are you going through a difficult life change like starting a new job, ending a relationship, or starting a family, and feel like your current ways of managing stress are no longer working?

You are not alone. Many of us suffer from feelings of anxiety, especially during periods of transition and intense stress. Anxiety disorders are the number one mental health diagnosis in the United States today. Even if you don’t have a full diagnosis of an anxiety disorder, you may feel your stress and anxiety interfere with you living to your fullest potential and enjoying life. Know that you can get better.

Therapy Helps

You may have already tried strategies for coping with your anxiety, like connecting with a friend, or adding exercise, yoga, or meditation to your day. Perhaps you have tried listening to calming apps or sleep programs. These coping strategies are certainly beneficial but it can make an even more significant impact to have someone to support you in exploring the underlying beliefs and thoughts that contribute to your anxiety. In Campbell, California, I support clients in practicing and learning practical tools to overcome anxiety. I incorporate evidence-based treatments including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness techniques and solution-focused therapy. My clients can expect to feel reduced anxiety and increased calm within the first few sessions. Because each individual is unique and responds differently to each intervention, we collaborate on treatment decisions to best support your individual needs and goals. In therapy, you practice noticing and letting go of the thoughts that contribute to your anxiety. You learn to replace these anxious thoughts with realistic and healthy thoughts which in turn will increase positive feelings and sense of well-being. What I most love as a therapist is witnessing clients let go of anxiety and more fully connect with their calm, centered, and compassionate core self.

Just like the sun is always shining, but sometimes we cannot see it through the clouds, anxiety can cover up your potential and innate wellness and create a cloud over your life. I work with you to release this anxiety so you can fully experience life and be your most calm, capable self.

Call (408) 357-3025 now to make an appointment with me, or simply reach out via the button below. I welcome all parents and families journeying through parenthood including LGBTQ community and parents through adoption or surrogacy.

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