Therapy After a Miscarriage

According to the CDC, it’s estimated that 10-15 in 100 women pregnant women will experience a miscarriage during the course of their lives. If you’ve experienced a miscarriage, you may be struggling to cope with your feelings of grief, pain, and sadness. A miscarriage can be a heartbreaking and lonely experience. Many women have not publicized the fact they were pregnant even to close family members and feel a sense of isolation as they struggle to process their emotions without the support of family or friends. You may feel completely alone and overwhelmed with sadness and anger and a laundry list of what if’s.

Woman recovering after miscarriage

The first thing to note is that you’re not alone. It can be incredibly helpful to reach out to another woman who’s experienced something similar so as to have someone to support you in both your grief and your healing. Often times, we don’t want to burden those around us with our darkest emotions, but having someone who can sit with you through your pain can lead to healing and growth. Therapy can also be a great resource for you in your grieving and healing process. A therapist can walk beside you on your journey through grief, allowing space for sadness and anger and guilt. By acknowledging and even embracing these painful emotions surrounding you, you can begin to re-open your heart to peace, love and even hope.

Doctors often treat a miscarriage as purely medical issue, and may not appreciate the emotional burden of the loss. Women grieving from a miscarriage or stillbirth often miss the emotional benefits of a funeral or other grieving rituals. In therapy, you can have the time and space and support to fully grieve your loss and begin to move into acceptance and healing.

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